Sunday, February 28, 2010

scrumble #34

This week's scrumble is possibly not quite as unusual as the last couple, but it was fun to make all the same.

This piece started with the section on the right hand side...a number of different areas of knitted mesh, with various crochet stitches interspersed between the knit sections.

I then made the crochet black and white circle, and attached it to the edge of the developing scrumble using a few crochet slip stitches from the wrong side of the work before the black and white yarn was cut. A few more crochet areas were then added around the edges.

As usual, the yarns varied in thickness quite a bit. This piece includes 3 different boucle mohair yarns in various weights, a couple of regular mohairs, a hand-dyed wool single-ply yarn, a beaded cotton blend and a multi-coloured synthetic.


  1. I like the contrast between the fluffy yarn of the circle and the smooth yarn of the wrapped stitches along the edge.