Saturday, July 18, 2009

week 27

I created this scrumble in 2 separate sections then, using just a few stitches, I sewed them together in the centre. Each of the pieces began with a small slip stitch knitted square, worked in hot pink wool and a variegated mauve mohair.

Before they were joined I added some crochet block stitches and popcorns to each piece, and a little more knitting using an unusual ribbon yarn. A couple of gaps in the work were crocheted around a few times to produce the deep 'holes', and these were then finished off with a round of crab stitch.

Once the 2 pieces were joined, I worked some random crochet mesh into the upper and lower v-shaped dips to fill them, and then edged a couple of sections for continuity, using a thick mohair boucle yarn. Finally a little more crochet was added on the surface and at the edges, using a thin yarn that was both matt and glittery.

week 26

I finally got around to taking some photos of the latest scrumbles! Here is the one I did for week 26... actually, I had even finished it early, and displayed it (along with weeks 1 thru 25) at the Craft & Quilt Fair in Hobart a few weeks ago, so it is definitely about time that I got the photo up.

This scrumble is pretty much all in knitting. Initially I cheated a bit, because I started it with an orange wool swatch that was kicking around from years ago. Onto the surface of the swatch I added a twist of tubular knitting, then I picked up stitches in various places around the edge and added a few random knitted shapes. Some of these were done with a fabulous, chunky, beaded handspun yarn - a gift from a friend at Ravelry. Finally I edged around the square with a little crochet, done with a recycled sari yarn from Nepal.