Saturday, July 18, 2009

week 27

I created this scrumble in 2 separate sections then, using just a few stitches, I sewed them together in the centre. Each of the pieces began with a small slip stitch knitted square, worked in hot pink wool and a variegated mauve mohair.

Before they were joined I added some crochet block stitches and popcorns to each piece, and a little more knitting using an unusual ribbon yarn. A couple of gaps in the work were crocheted around a few times to produce the deep 'holes', and these were then finished off with a round of crab stitch.

Once the 2 pieces were joined, I worked some random crochet mesh into the upper and lower v-shaped dips to fill them, and then edged a couple of sections for continuity, using a thick mohair boucle yarn. Finally a little more crochet was added on the surface and at the edges, using a thin yarn that was both matt and glittery.


  1. Just the inspiration I need to push my pallete boundaries ! Thanks Prudence

  2. I just found your blog. It looks like you were working on this like crazy and then stopped. Hope you come back to scrumble again soon.

  3. Yes, I will definitely be back, scrumbling and blogging again early next year. Things just got too hectic over our winter months here with all the shows etc that I was involved in...but keep watching again in 2010 for lots more scrumbles