Sunday, May 11, 2014

finally...Scrumble # 51

Well, I guess you may have noticed that I didn't actually get the last 2 'far-from-weekly' scrumbles  done nearly as quickly as I had hoped.

I see that I promised them nearly a year ago.  Ooops! ...sorry about that...where does the time get to?

I did finally finish both a couple of weeks ago, and took photos while I was travelling down south, but am only now getting around to posting the first of the pictures.

Not much of a blogger, am I?

Anyway, here is the first, and a bit about how it was done:

All crochet.  Mostly wool, or wool blend yarns; some smooth, some bouclĂ©.  
Vaguely circular in construction, but changing the height of the stitches in each 'round' created lots of peaks and troughs around the edges.
Most of the stitches were worked into the back loops only of the stitches in the previous rounds, so that the front loops could be used later for a bit of surface embellishment. A few ruffles were added at the centre; some raised crab stitch (reverse single crochet) helped to add definition around the outside.

Many thanks to everyone who is still hanging in there and following this rather quiet blog.

Don't want to spoil you, though, so I won't add the other photo for a day or two ;-)