Thursday, April 23, 2009

week 17

This week's scrumble again features a flower motif...this time using a length of French knitting (i-cord) made with some left-over sock yarn. The rest of the ball of yarn hadn't been used for socks, either, but had been incorporated into other previous freeforming. First the base area was completed all in one piece, then the knitting was done and twisted up and stitched into place so that it held its shape. A small crochet bobble completed the flower. The rest of the scrumble is mainly crochet, using lots of ends of fine-weight novelty yarns, sometimes used single, but often doubled up for added texture and subtle colouring. Once again, too many thin fuzzy yarns made it difficult to get a clear photo, so click on the thumbnail to take a look at the larger image for a bit more clarity.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

week 16 scrumble

The yummy red and orange left-over yarns that I used in this little scrumble positively glow like molten lava. Again, the photo doesn't really do it justice!

Much of the background and the base of the 3D flower on the left are knitted; the stars, the other flower and the edging around the lip of the 3D flower are done in crochet.
Measures about 18cm (7") x 16cm (6.5")

week 15

The fine sparkly yarn that I added on the surface of a few of the motifs in the week 15 scrumble also made it a bit hard to photograph; everything seemed to come out either too light or too dark. The pale yellow block stitch motif was totally washed out in the first photos I took, so I stitched the small sun charm to the centre, to help give it more definition. The yellow and apricot spiral dome is actually hollow at the back; the slip stitches that were added to the surface help to stiffen it sufficiently so that it holds it shape well.
This scrumble measures about 25cm (10") x 18cm (7")

week 14

Week 14's scrumble features 2 crocheted spiral motifs, embellished with surface slip stitches, fillet mesh, limpets and bullion stitches. Mostly worked in ariegated and hand-painted yarns in mohair and wool, along with a few man-made odds and ends.
Measures approx 23cm (9") wide x 18cm (7") deep

week 13 scrumble

This week's scrumble was actually finished on time, as were the next few that I will also be posting just took me a while to get around to taking the photos, but I will soon be up to date again with the blog far as Week 16

This piece is almost totally crochet. Yarns used include mohair, wool, cotton and various synthetics, including a pretty sparkly nylon yarn that didn't photograph very well. The 3 little flower motifs around the edge are from my 'never too many Handbags' book.
Measures about 25cm (10") x 18cm (7")