Saturday, April 18, 2009

week 15

The fine sparkly yarn that I added on the surface of a few of the motifs in the week 15 scrumble also made it a bit hard to photograph; everything seemed to come out either too light or too dark. The pale yellow block stitch motif was totally washed out in the first photos I took, so I stitched the small sun charm to the centre, to help give it more definition. The yellow and apricot spiral dome is actually hollow at the back; the slip stitches that were added to the surface help to stiffen it sufficiently so that it holds it shape well.
This scrumble measures about 25cm (10") x 18cm (7")


  1. Oooh - this one's absolutely stunning! I'm always impatiently waiting to see what you'd do next you know!

  2. hehehe, thanks Debrina; will have to try my best to take photos soon after each of the scrumbles are finished ;-)