Monday, March 30, 2009

a lacy floral crumble for week 12

I created this week's scrumble around the purple flower motif - it is simply long chain loops worked in a circle, and then covered from the wrong side with enough half treble stitches (US: hdc) to firm up the edges of each petal. Next the green/yellow random crochet was worked outwards from either side. The smaller flower and the slip stitch embellished star motif each started separately, and were joined to the main piece with crochet slip stitches wherever the points touched. A single small bobble was made and attached, then the scrumble was turned over to the wrong side and the crochet continued to edge just one side. A few rows of random lacy stitches were worked around the lower edge with a varieagated lurex yarn. Finally two dark purple sparkly cupped flowers were added to the surface.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Week 11 - a mainly cotton scrumble

My scrumble for this week began with the circular crochet motif that alternated bullion with regular crochet stitches. More crochet was then worked onto the edge of the motif, using two different shades of green. I then added some surface crochet around the edge of the circle, and continued it outwards to create a spiraling effect. Next I picked up stitches with my knitting needles, and added first one, and then a second rectangular knitted motif - each was done in a two-colour slip stitch pattern. Finally a little more crochet - popcorns, shells and a bullion cluster.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Week 10

I had a short length of red French knitting (i-cord) left over from the Week 2 scrumble, so decided to work with reds again this time. Began by making the crochet spiral and randomly joining on a few more crochet motifs, added the cord, then a couple of knitted triangles, and finally more crochet, including domes, popcorns and various mesh areas. I always like the look of scrumbles with 'pointy' edges. They work well when fitting pieces together, too; the 'sticking out bits' help the pieces interlock, sort of like a jig-saw puzzle, and also make the seams show up less than when joining longer straightish edges.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Week 9

This week's scrumble definitely thinks it is a tidal rock pool. If the photo seems a little small and you can't see all the detail please take another look next week; I will change it to a better size next week when I am back to my own computer.
edited to say photo is all fixed up; click on the thumbnail to see this scrumble in all its glory ;-)