Friday, March 6, 2009

Week 9

This week's scrumble definitely thinks it is a tidal rock pool. If the photo seems a little small and you can't see all the detail please take another look next week; I will change it to a better size next week when I am back to my own computer.
edited to say photo is all fixed up; click on the thumbnail to see this scrumble in all its glory ;-)


  1. This is lovely! All those bullion stitches, clinging to the rock...

  2. That is divine!! Your buillions are so nice. :0) I still struggle with that first one or two loops tightening up too much...any suggestions to stop that?

    Queen of Dreamsz

  3. Somehow shapes like our little red dot, Singapore! ;D

  4. ah, yes, Betsy; I hadn't realized, but it is shaped quite like Singapore.

    Stephanie, I always draw the initial yarn-over through so it is pretty tall (to about the full height that the finished bullion will be) before I start flipping the loops over; perhaps that helps to stop the first few from being too tight.