Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Week 5

Even though it's mostly blue I feel as though I want to call this week's scrumble a Purple People Eater (...blue people eater definitely doesn't have the same ring!) I think it is because the little inverted domes on short crochet cords, a la 'Romainian point lace', remind me of the eyes of space creature drawings from my youth.
size approximately 20cm (8") x 18cm (7")

Monday, January 19, 2009

scrumble for week 4

This week's scrumble started with the lime green crochet spiral. Before cutting off the yarn I added points around the edge. The stitches were worked in the back loops only, so that further embellishment could easily be added onto the surface. A row of slip stitches was then worked, from the wrong side, around the outside points of the spiral motif. Then a couple of knitted slip stitch triangles were added - they were begun using a combination of both casting on and picking up of the stitches, each onto 3 of the points of the spiral. Other random crochet was also added to complete the piece.
size approximately 38cm (15") x 20cm (8")

Sunday, January 11, 2009

week 3 scrumble

only black, white and red yarns were used in this week's scrumble...they were of varying thicknesses, and are mainly man-made fibres. a combination of knitting and crochet; parts of it are quite 3D -the red sparkly bauble is a crochet circle that has been drawn in over the top of another smaller bobble - the small bobble became the padding for the larger ball, which in turn was covered with white crochet mesh.
size approximately 20cm (8") x 15cm (6")

Sunday, January 4, 2009

my week 2 scrumble

My 2nd weekly scrumble. This one started with a length of french knitting (I-cord), randomly twisted around and then stitched and embellished with a contrast yarn where it touched or overlapped. Small areas of freeform crochet were added around the edge, using short scraps of many different red yarns. The crochet bullions were made with an unusual, velvety artificial suede cord - sometimes difficult to work since it stuck to my fingers and had absolutely no stretch whatsoever, but it worked nicely for bullions when I persevered since it was a round single strand.
size approximately 28cm (11") x 14cm (5.5 ")