Friday, February 5, 2010

scrumble #32

here is my next scrumble - again a little different to any of the others so far.

the 3 pink and mauve flowers at the front started with the knit section that made up the stems - reverse stocking stitch, worked in short rows and 'pleated' to make tubular sections by working a row of stitches every so often through both the stitch on the needle and at the same time through a loop at the back of the work a few rows back.

i then crocheted around the wide ends of these tubes to form the pink flower heads, and added other crochet circles and ruffles around the other 2 sides of the triangular shape to complete the design.

mostly worked in synthetic sparkly yarns, this organic little piece would make a great freeform addition to a plain handbag, or would stand alone as a brooch or hair ornament.


  1. I really like those long trumpet-flowers.

  2. Love it Prudence! Really looking forward to doing another class with you at Koala Coventions this year!

  3. Really lovely Prudence! Looking forward to doing another class with you at Koala this year!

  4. Prudence - I just found you - and I'm hooked already