Sunday, March 21, 2010

scrumble # 35

here is my next freeform piece - the red leaf shape was knitted first, using garter stitch, then chains were crocheted through the knitting to create the 'veins'.

a few glass beads were stitched on (just because
i happened to run across them shortly after i had finished knitting the leaf and they matched). Then a piece of very old, hand-knotted Japanese fishing net was placed over the entire leaf.

i have added a close-up showing the net. i bought it once at a textile conference, ages ago - just because it looked interesting - but i hadn't found a use for it until now.

to hold the net in place i added lots of little areas of freeform crochet to the edges of the leaf; they were worked over the fishnet at the same time as working into the knitting, to attach it securely.

this piece measures approximately 36cm (14") in length x 18cm (7") at the widest part.


  1. As you may know I just love working with Red. this looks wonderful.
    best wishes,
    jane C

  2. Looks great and i love the richness of the red.

  3. absolutely stunning! ive moved recently to queensland from the uk and had run out of inspiration to knit or crochet - until i met a certain prudence mapstone at the craft exhibition last weekend!! so good to meet you and ive been reading your new book and all of a sudden have lots of new ideas - so a great big scumbly thank you xxx penny h.

  4. To look at this red leaf makes a wonderful day!