Friday, October 20, 2017

a creamy scrumble

This freeform piece was worked using odds and ends of many different creamy-coloured yarns that I had in my stash, plus a little bit of brown, grey and yellow mixed in for contrast.  

It is mostly crochet, but also includes a couple of areas in knitted linen stitch.   These sections were worked using 3 colours, alternating 1 colour per row.  I like the little spots of colour and the textured effect that linen stitch gives when it is worked this way.  

For the bullions, I chose a lovely single-ply pure silk yarn that has plenty of body ('spaghetti' from The Loom in Bangkok).  It was originally created as a weaving yarn, but it crochets and knits up fabulously too.


  1. Thank you for providing some technical detail about your scrumbles. I am not a regular 'scrumbler' yet and have little experience with mixing lots of different styles of yarn together. Your notes inspire me with examples of the effects that can be created. Lovely, Prudence!

  2. glad you are still enjoying the blog Jodie.