Friday, January 15, 2010

week 29

Gosh, I just realized that the 2nd week of January has flown by already... much for the new year's resolution to try to keep this blog on track! Will have to aim to do better next week; but anyway, here is my next completed scrumble, and this time it is a combination of both crochet and knitting.

Lots of bullion circles, crocheted in a commercial cotton and a hand-dyed wool that was a gift from someone who has taken a number of workshops with me over the years (many thanks, Sheryl). Both of these yarns had just the right twist to work wonderfully for this tricky stitch, and so they easily produced lots of nice, neat rolls (using the best yarn for the job isn't really cheating!!). I also added 3 other circle motifs made with block stitches.

The other yarns are all very fine in weight; the green cotton used in the small knitted areas contains what looks like its very own bullions - little slubs of cotton in other bright colours that came twisted into the yarn at random intervals...this yarn came on a cone and has been in my stash for at least 15 years!

I finished this scrumble off with lots of small ruffles, crocheted with various paper yarns and silk embroidery threads.


  1. I love this one! It looks like balloons and zinnias.

  2. A true feast of colors,
    shaped in perfect bullions they delight the eye!

  3. This one makes me so happy to look at it! Your creativity is so liberating.

  4. Many thanks to you all; I remember that I really enjoyed making this piece. I have since exhibited it at quite a few craft shows around Australia during the past few years.