Sunday, January 24, 2010

scrumble # 30

This week's scrumble started with the crochet spiral flower in the centre.

Similar to those described in my 'never too many Handbags' book, it has a single colour base, then surface stitches are worked into the back loops of the stitches in the previous round of the spiral.

Once it was the desired size, I worked rows of slip stitches for surface embellishment.

The first round was worked into the 'free' front loops of the base stitches, then another round of slip stiches was worked into these slip stitches, and then another into those. Ruffles were formed by increasing as these embellishments were made.

I then picked up stitches and knitted various small areas outwards from behind the spiral.

Other crochet stitches were added between the knitted areas, and onto their edges.

Yarns used included wool, mohair, silk, various synthetics and a wool and linen mix.


  1. For some reason, the knitted areas in this one are really appealing to me. Maybe it's the way their rows of straight lines play against the spiral.

  2. Wow! This is a wonderful creation.I have just got back into crochet scrumbles and I am making them into scarves. Would you mind if I pur your blog on mine as a link when I put my photo of my humble little scrumble?
    Best wishes,
    jane C

  3. thanks for your comments; I'm glad you both like this week's scrumble.

    Jane C, by all means add a link on your blog; I'm sure you will really enjoy making lots of scrumbles for your scarves; I have recently been working on a scrumbled scarf, too, and I intend to eventually put in my Etsy shop when it is done.

  4. I just found your blog and love your scrumbles!