Friday, June 12, 2009

Week 24

I finished this week's scrumble a few days ago, just in time to display (along with all of the scrumbles from the previous weeks) at my stand at the Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair. The display is getting a lot of interest, and I hope to be able to continue showing the growing range of scrumbles at other shows around Australia throughout the year.

This one is a mixture of both crochet and knitting; there are some knitted slip stitch areas plus some knitted ribbed sections, together with many different round-ish crochet motifs, and some ruffles. The yarns were in various thicknesses - from a rather chunky, looped blend to some quite fine synthetics; they included mostly mohair or man-made glitzy stuff, along with some wool and a few scraps of cotton.

The purple flower motif was finished with a little embroidery to give definition to the petals, as they didn't appear to show up so well once the other crochet had been added around that particular motif; then I also finished off the centre of this flower by stitching on some commercially made floral art stamens.


  1. I might just have to invent new words of praise - superscrumblous, colorific, artractivonomous... can't really put a finger on it but for me this is really a stand-alone scrumble per se!

    Would you perhaps be able to give an idea about the dimension - would it approximate the size shown on the downloaded jpg?

  2. A bright, happy scrumble garden!

  3. Every your scrumble reminds me some places from childhood. This one is like a field of lupin. There were spots of pink, purple and blue flowers.
    It is like a game. I always wait for your new skrumble, and hope to find familiar places

  4. This is lovely Prudence, I'm going to have to expand my love of the sea and find some flowers for inapirational scrumbles too !