Tuesday, June 23, 2009

scrumble for week 25

This week's scrumble is all in greys and browns, and actually is much more alive than it appears in the thumbnail, so be sure to click on the photo to see the enlarged version too.

The other day I ran across a scrap of knitted-then-felted soy and wool fabric that had been used last year to create a hat for my latest book. The felting was actually done by Jonelle Raffino from South West Trading, as she co-authored the book with me. For the designs in this book I have added a wide range of different freeform embellishments to Jonelle's basic creations...and for the hats, wraps and cape that we jointly created, she mailed me many different pieces of felted fabric, which I subsequently cut up, and then crocheted around. Here is a picture of 'Hat and Soul', the hat in question from our new book, "Freeform Style".

So as I said, the scrumble for this week started with a scrap of that left-over felted Karaoke yarn. It was a strange double triangle sort of a shape, so I just folded it over and then picked up stitches and knitted into the edges or onto the surface to create triangles, ridges and ruffles. The yarns I used for the embellishments this time were mostly slinky ribbons, mohairs and a wool boucle.

Consequently, this scrumble is around 90% knitting - the only crochet is the random mesh overlay that I finally added above the felted sections, and this was worked in a similar manner to what I did for the hat.


  1. I like the multi-layered texture and how you use a wool boucle. I usually use it as a background, but it looks good in 3D too.
    Please, write me.

  2. Good scrumble for the winter weather Prudence!
    I am trying to get things finished for the RAHS show and then something else for you!

  3. Your scrumbles are great! They are New to me but I might have to give it a try! :)

  4. Your scrumbles are great! Love all the textures on them. They are New to me but I might have to try making one. :)

  5. Очень оригинальная шапочка!