Thursday, May 21, 2009

Week 21

This week's scrumble is made with cotton, wool, silk, hemp, a few odds and ends of a Japanese paper yarn, and some man-made fibres. The rough hemp twine gives an interesting contrast to the other yarns, whether crocheted (as in the beaded flower on the right) or knitted (the sections at the top and left-hand edges). I am currently working on a much larger project that incorporates this yarn, and even though it is a little difficult to work with (a bit rough on the hands and overtwisted) I am enjoying seeing how it reacts to different stitches.

I was running a little bit late with this scrumble, but I almost have Week 22 done, too, so that one should be up by tomorrow!


  1. This looks great Prudence, I have some hemp, and have als been giving it a go in my freeform work too, I love the tendrils too.

  2. With every new scrumble I think "this is the very best one yet" - so THIS is the most beautiful one! (or well, maybe...)
    I love the colors and the rangles.

  3. Love the rustic look & feel this one must have... hemp... ummm Me t'inks I need to look around my place as I'm sure to have other fibres I can use as yarn too. I also love the frills & I think, the dark green is chenille - love it... would be a lovely feeling piece... thanks for sharing... B