Sunday, May 10, 2009

20th week

This week's scrumble is all in crochet, and I'm again playing at bullion spirals. The pink one in the centre was done using 3 different pink yarns; the base was made by working a 2 colour spiral made up of tr (US dc) in a thin wool boucle and bullions in a thicker wool crepe, all stitches worked into the back loops only of the stitches in the previous round. The front loops were then embellished with sl sts in a shiny, variegated pink rayon ribbon yarn.

The purple double circle (which alternates bullions with tr in the outer round) was attached to the edge of the spiral using a few crochet slip stitches (this slightly distorted the spiral's shape). Then more random crochet was added around the central motifs - I used a bit of cotton, some wool, a soft looped mohair and some dark green manmade sparkle, but mostly it was with a handspun recycled rayon-mix yarn from Nepal.

The yellows in the variegated looped mohair actually blend in better 'in the flesh' than they appear to do in the photo.


  1. I've been getting stuck making scrumbles beyond the initial motif. Thanks for writing about you add things together -maybe this week I will be inspired to try some more!

  2. I love all the scrumbles - would love to make some if my crochet ever gets beyond a chain! Connie.

  3. Hello Prudence,

    This is beautiful! Just wanted to pop in and say hello. I've been busy moving and have not crocheted in a few months..yikes!!! NOT GOOD..LOL

    I love looking at your weekly scrumbles...hope you do this every year!