Sunday, March 4, 2012

Scrumble #47

here is a scrumble for March much for my original idea of weekly scrumbles!

Maybe I will get another done before April, but at least I am aiming for a minimum of one a month this year...and since this is the 5th for 2012, I have already done way better than last year ;-)

I always seem to have a problem photographing oranges and reds, so in the picture the centre of the scrumble has lost a little bit of definition. The piece started with a small knitted section behind the ruffle (just above and right of centre), and then I crocheted on the raggy-looking orange bit (Indian recycled silk). Much richer in real life than in the photo.

I then continued outwards with little areas of both knitting and crochet, working multi-coloured stripes for most of the knitting and back post stitches and slip stitches for a lot of the crochet, with the aim of avoiding too much of a stripey effect. The tw0 little crochet flowers were made separately and attached onto the surface.

Lots of stash yarns, both new and very old, were used in the making of this scrumble; they include wool, silk, cotton, rayon and a few blends, plus a bit of man-made stuff for added sparkle (which probably doesn't show up much in the little thumbnail, but should be apparent if you click for the larger photo)


  1. As always Prudence, very nice! Have a safe trip to Sydney and NZ.

  2. The scrumble a very beautiful. Great job.

  3. Every time I see a scrumble I feel happy. Your new scrumble did me realise that. Thank you.

  4. A lovely scrumble! Nice to see this beautiful piece :)

  5. I needed some inspiration today! We had 4" snow last night and we want spring.... So inspiration needed. What better to do Then go to your blogg! Your scrambles are so fantastic and engergising. Thank you! Keep up your good work!

  6. thanks, everyone, for your comments; you certainly inspire me to keep up with the blog - will aim to get another piece up soon.

  7. c' est tout simplement superbe, je suis fane et commence moi aussi je suis d├ębutante voir mon blog
    tu pourras me donner ton avis biz dane

  8. Just catching up. Thank you very much for the inspiration!

  9. Nice...It's June, now, so I'm looking forward to another soon!

    1. hehehe...yes, it really is about time I got another done!! thanks for the push, Susan; will aim to make a new scrumble by the end of the week.