Thursday, January 5, 2012

Scrumble # 43

This scrumble was really interesting to make, and quite a departure from any of the previous pieces I have done for the blog.

I started by using a variegated yarn and crocheting the small central circular motif. Then I worked another circle around it, using the same yarn, doubling the number of stitches and making the second round of stitches into the back loops only of the previous round.

After I finished off the crochet I then knitted the area with the pink radiating bars of garter stitch. Working short rows in each of the brown/gold sections of stocking stitch, I shaped this knitted piece so that it would fit neatly around the crochet circle.

I intentionally cast the knitting off before it was long enough to totally surrounded the centre, and then I stitched it in place. The sewing was done into the back loops only of the crochet stitches, so that each of the circles now had a round front loops visible on the surface, and into these raised stitches I next worked the two rounds of crochet crab stitch.

Using a bulky multi-colour yarn I then knitted the 'tail' area, increasing and decreasing occasionally at the beginning or end of some of the rows, to shape it organically. Once it was finished off it was stitched into the gap between the beginning and end of the round section of knitting, and a row of crab stitch was worked onto the surface, lengthways down its centre.

Three little crochet domes attached to the edge, and a round of crab stitch right around the knitting, completed the piece.

All of the yarns used were either wool or blends with a high wool content, and were worked at a fairly tight tension, so the finished piece is quite firm and stable, and holds it shape surprisingly well.


  1. So many mysterious colours and things in such a small piece of work!
    You keep going :)

  2. I like this the variegated yarns always adds a little something extra
    Gorgeous colours

  3. Have just been looking through your blog. Your work is so interesting and it looks fascinating. I love the rock pools do you have a tutorial (or know where to find one) for the crochet ammonite shells.

  4. Thanks, everyone, for all your comments.

    re the ammonite shell shapes - I have a number of PDF tutorals available through the 'patterns' page on my website - - or in my Etsy store - The 'spectacular spirals' tutorial is about creating ammonite-like shapes in crochet, and the 'bullions & beyond' e-book covers how to do the unusual crochet bullion stitch, and gives lots of motif design ideas that you can then freeform.

  5. It looks alive! Seems to grow out of the pepples... Beautiful!

  6. Beautiful combination of knitting and crochet, very harmonious design, masterful as ever!