Friday, April 30, 2010

scrumble #37

OK, I finally got around to doing my next scrumble for the blog. Sorry it took so long!

This one used just 3 yarns, and is all in crochet.

The central circle was created first, one round of treble stitches (US dc), surrounded with twice as many again in the 2nd round. Two different colour-ways of the same glittery thread were used for this, and all the other 'round-ish' motifs.

Each of the other oval or circular shapes had to be made separately (since they started in the centre), but when the second one was made I joined it to the first, and then later joined the others to each other, just using crochet chain stitches that were worked in a lime green wool yarn.

I then surrounded the piece with more lime green chains, added a round of slip stitches into those chains using the copper thread, to begin to create a 'frame', and then added another round of slip stitches into the previous round, this time using the black thread.

I will try to get the next scrumble done soon ;- )


  1. What an interesting scrumble! I like the openness of it.

  2. WOW! Your pieces are incredible or should I say in threadable ! Awesome! Wish I knew how to knit, but I have only ever crocheted.

  3. Just found this blog while "favorite"-ing you as a designer on Ravelry. Hope you'll continue to add posts - I love your eye-candy!

  4. I am following your scrumbles with much interest - I am addicted to this crochet art - thank you so much for showing...

  5. Hi Prudence - I miss you! Hope you are ok....
    greetings from Germany

  6. many thanks; all's well; will be back to blogging more scrumbles very soon (possibly the next one later today) so keep watching ;-)