Sunday, February 15, 2009

Week 7

OK, I realize this week's scrumble is a very much a 'typically Prudence' effort , but I have been pretty busy, and I still seem to find kniting garter stitch leaf shapes a relaxing way to start a piece . The coarse wool yarn used for the leaf that started this one must have been in my stash at least 20 years; the yellowy-lime sections were crocheted with 2 very thin yarns together - an ultra-thin cotton thread which periodically morphed into short sections of bright, thick slubs, held along with a very finely fringed, sparkly nylon yarn. The centres of the blue circle motifs were crocheted with a French rayon tape, and the lurex yarn used to decorate the leaf is probably almost as old as the wool it embellishes...see what treasures a good clean out right to the back of the stash can unearth!
size approximately 28cm (11") x 15cm (6")


  1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Good morning, my name is Michalis. I have seen your blog and to feel good. We follow your blog from Greece and I wish you good fun and joy
    A simple life, simple happiness
    Greetings. Michalis

  2. A typical Prudence effort is good enough for me. It looks gorgeous.