Wednesday, July 30, 2014

a new, non-weekly scrumble ;-)

i thought i would share a few photos of the piece that i made for the latest challenge by the International Freeform Fiberarts Guild.

the theme for the challenge this year was 'one colour', and as you can see, my chosen colour was green.  i would have loved to have had time to create an entire garment, but for the moment my piece remains just a scrumble, but you never know, it might grow into something else one day.  a photo of the entire piece, plus a couple of detail shots, are below.

54 freeformers from around the world took up the challenge this time, and as in previous years, a book containing all of the challenge pieces has been put together, and it has just gone on sale.  every year we donate the profit from the sale of the book to a different charity.

Cyra Lewis has done a fantastic job of putting the collection together, and you can see a preview of the book at

if you are looking for inspiration for your freeform creations take a look through all the preview pages there, but if you like what you see you might also think about buying yourself a hard copy, to help with the fund raising.




  1. I do like green and your scrumble reminds me of a miniature landscape. Thanks for posting a link to the book preview. Wishing you all the best with your fundraising.

  2. thanks, Jodie. i just noticed that the URL for the book wasn't actually automatically linking, so i have just fixed it up so that it does

  3. Ah, it is a Tolkien-ish landscape. Are you going to bring it with you in November?

  4. can do...will try to remember to pack it then, Kathryn. am going to take it to a workshop in Brisbane tomorrow too

  5. Working with such talented fiber artists such as yourself Prudence made the making of the book great fun. Your work is an inspiration to us all.

  6. many thanks, Cyra. i always enjoy seeing how everyone interprets the theme each year, and it is fabulous to see everyone's individual style of freeforming.

  7. Is the book just pictures of scrumbles? or is it ideas on how to put them together?

    1. the books we do as a group are mainly just pictures; but my 'Freeform: serendipitous...etc' is about the whole freeform process, the way I work it :-)

  8. Great !
    Greetings from Poland :)

  9. Prudence, I have been following your work for years. I see the gorgeous Oregon Coast seafloor in your piece. Thanks.

  10. thanks Jean; did it happen to inspire you to have a go at creating an Oregon coast piece, too. The theme of the next challenge is 'the ocean/the colour of water'. Perhaps you might like to join us this year - the group page can be found at and the challenge guidelines are in the Files section there.